2021 Board of Directors and Committee Members

Position Name
Officer President Kevin Lafky
Officer Vice President Travis Chapman
Officer Secretary Jeff Elliott
Officer Treasurer Jeff Miller
Officer Safety Officer Greg Astley
Director D7 Representative Mike Falzone
Director Umpire-In-Chief Andy Wooldridge
Director Registration Manager Adria Land
Director Scheduling Manager Mary Campos

Co-Scheduler Andy Wooldridge

Director T-Ball Player Agent Open Position (Gina Miller, interim)
Director A Player Agent Gina Miller
Director AA Player Agent Joe Hoda
Director AAA Player Agent Derek Saele
Director Majors/Int/Jr’s Player Agent Kavin Blanton

Chair Purchasing/Equipment Travis Chapman
Chair Sponsorship Mary Campos, Jeff Miller
Chair Field Maintenance Open Position
Chair Concessions Open Position
Chair Communications Team Gina Miller, Adria Land, Jeff Elliott, Jeff Miller, Andrew Cunningham

Local Sponsors